Downey DuckAdvanced Open Water

This course is a continuing education certification course for certified divers. It is an enjoyable program of continued supervised experience designed to introduce divers to a variety of diving activities and taught entirely in an open water setting. When you complete the Advanced course you will more than double the practical, open water training you received during the Open Water course, and you will receive additional experience under expert supervision.

This course is appropriate for divers who: 

  • Desire additional training. 
  • Desire orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions.
  • Plan to take Rescue or any of the advanced specialties.

Program Description 

  • During this two day course you will make five different types of dives. You will develop skills in underwater navigation, deep, and three other dives selected by you and your instructor, typically Search & recovery, Diver propulsion vehicle, and Altitude diving while prefecting your diving skills. Classes taught on trips may elect to do wreck, boat, drift and night dives.
  • Emphasis on learning during actual open water dives. 
  • Open water dive schedule is flexible.
  • Rental costs will be the same as the open water weekend.
  • Each dive is credited toward corresponding Specialty Certifications. 

Program Steps

  1. Read the chapters and complete the appropriate knowledge reviews in the Adventures in Diving manual. We will review the relevant knowledge review before each dive.
  2. Complete the Advanced Waiver and a new Medical form. Give these forms to your instructor before the dives.
  3. Pack your gear and go diving. Check calandar for avaialble dates. Most dives can be done at Strawberry.  The Deep and Altitude dives will be done at Summersville Lake. Of course all the dives can be done on one of our tropical trips

Class Schedule


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