Downey DuckUnderwater Navigation 
Tired of going around in circles when you dive?  During your Underwater Navigation Diver class, you will learn to use natural and compass navigation techniques to enhance your diving skills. You'll learn how to find your way underwater and you'll be more likely to end up were you want to, insted of going around in circles.


This course is designed to increase diver self-confidence, avoid long, strenuous surface swims, conserve air; reduce buddy separations, and lower diver stress and anxiety by teaching a number of navigation skills:
  • distance estimation techniques
  • use of natural and bottom topography
  • search pattern types

Program Description

  • Two scuba dives.
  • Maximum depth for Open Water Divers not to exceed 60 feet.

Program Steps

  1. Register with Downey Diving.
  2. Read Underwater Navigation chapter in PADI Adventures in Diving and complete chapter review.
  3. Dives done preferably in lower visibility water, but can be done anywhere.


  • Certification: PADI or NAUI Open Water Certification or the equilivant is required. 
  • Previous Dives: The elective underwater navigation dive from the PADI or NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialty.

Class Schedule





On DemandStrawberry Lake or Trip$125 Contact us
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