Downey DuckMulti-Level Diving
If you're using regular dive tables to plan your dives and wondering what computers are all about, or if you can't afford a computer but would still like to reap the benefits of longer dive times, this is the course for you!


This course familiarizes divers with the theory, knowledge, planning, procedures, hazards, benefits, and enjoyment of multi-level diving with The Wheel and/or with dive computers. You will also learn the latest recommendations for flying after diving, omitted decompression, and ascent rates.

Program Description

  • Two scuba dives.
  • Dives are conducted no deeper than 130 feet.
  • No decompression dives.

Program Steps

  1. Read Multilevel Diving chapter in PADI Adventures in Diving and complete chapter review.
  2. Dives can be completed any time there is enough depth to do a multi-level dive, locally or on a tropical trip.


  • Age: Minimum 15 years. Certification: PADI Open Water Diver, NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent.
  • Previous dives: The elective multi-level dive from the PADI or NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialy.

Class Schedule

Any timeAny trip $125724 869-1989
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