Downey DuckEquipment Specialist 

Why take this class? Whether it's a regulator problem, a wet suit tear or a broken mask strap, the Equipment Specialist course can help. This course prepares you for basic equipment maintenance, adjustments, and configurations. In addition, you'll get valuable knowledge regarding the choice and maintenance of your SCUBA investment.

What do I need to start? You may start even before your open water training dives. No textbook, tests or dives are required.

What will I do? You'll receive hands-on experience with the operation and maintenance of SCUBA equipment. Your will also become familiar with new and specialized dive equipment, including dry suits, double tanks, and technical rigs. This is not an equipment repair technician course but it does give you:

  • Principles and operation of dive equipment
  • Routine recommended care and maintenance procedures
  • Field Repair/replace some common problems
  • How to avoid and/or deal with common problems.
  • Equipment configurations for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • An introduction to new and specialized equipment.
  • Best of all you get to disassemble all sorts of neat equipment, figure out how it works, and not have to put it back together.

When & where? There are two sessions of three hours each typically held over two evenings or one Saturday. See our schedule below, Class is held at the International Headquarters of Downey Diving, one mile west of Cranberry. (Click here for directions)

What do I need? Everything you need will be supplied in class and is included in the course fee.

Where do I go from here? Equipment Specialist certification counts towards your Master Scuba Diver certification and is a prerequisite for Divemaster.

How do I get started? Easy, Just contact us by phone or e-mail.

Class Schedule




Nov 13 & 16
724 869-1989 or
see our calendar