Downey DuckDrift Diver Specialty 
If up until now your experience with currents has been swimming against them, drift diving will give you whole new appreciation for them. Drift diving is specialized diving based on the philosophy that if you can't swim against the current, drift with it.

Drift diving is exciting. In some drift diving sites, the current carries you much faster than you could swim, sailing you along effortlessly. It's no wonder that drift diving in clear water has been compared to flying - only without needing an airplane!


Drift diving is one of the most relaxing dives one can make, since nature provides the needed propulsion.  As a diver, you can concentrate on observing the environment and marine life without having to worry about "where's the boat?", and you can cover significantly more ground.

Program Description

  • Two scuba dives.
  • Recommended maximum depth for Open Water diver is 60 feet.
  • Recommended maximum depth for Advanced diver is 100 feet.

Program Steps

  1. Read Drift Diver chapter in PADI Adventures in Diving and complete the chapter review.
  2. Dives can be completed during any trip where drift dives are scheduled, such as Cozumel or West Palm Beach, FL.


  • Certification: PADI Open Water, NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent 
  • Previous Dives: The elective drift dive from the PADI or NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialty.

Class Schedule

Jan 2006
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