Downey DuckDeep Diver Specialty 
This course acquaints divers with the skills, knowledge, techniques, hazards, and enjoyment of deep diving while avoiding the necessity of making "decompression stops" before  surfacing. It emphasizes experience, fun and safety. 

Some of the potential benefits of being certified as a "Deep Diver" are: 

  • the increased knowledge and safety of descents beyond the 60-foot limit
  • experience how the increased depth adversely affects divers psychologically and physiologically under the increased pressure
  • learn to safely explore and enjoy the sights below the depth limit of 60 feet.


This course provides the diver with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and make deep dives while minimizing risks and avoiding the need for stage decompression. Deep diving is defined as dives made between 60 (18 m) and 130 feet (40 m). Four deep dives are made during this course. 

Program Description

  • Four scuba dives.
  • Dives are conducted between 60 feet and 130 feet, with no dive exceeding 130 feet.
  • No decompression dives.

Program Steps

  1. Read Deep Diver chapter in PADI Adventures in Diving and complete chapter review.
  2. Dives can be completed during local Advanced classes or on tropical trips.


  • Age:  Minimum is 15 years. 
  • Certification: PADI Advanced Open Water, NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver or equivalent 
  • Previous Dives: The elective deep dive from the PADI or NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialty.

Class Schedule

Call or email for next class
Local or Trip
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