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Are you a diver whose children constantly want to know when they can dive, too? Are you looking for something you and your young children can do together? Bubblemakers is a new PADI program designed to let children ages 8-11 experience scuba diving. 


Bubblemakers is the Discover Scuba program for children ages 8-11.  Your children will use Scuba equipment in the pool, to a maximum depth of 6 feet. They will be closely monitored by an instructor or assistant instructor. And, while your bubblemakers are having a great time in the shallow water, you and your children 12 and older are doing the Discover Scuba program and frolicking in the deep end of the pool. 

Program Description 

  • Watch short video and complete medical form and waiver.
  • Scuba dive in pool under direct supervision of instructor or assistant instructor to a maximum depth of 6 feet.. 

Program Steps 

  1. Register at desired location or with Downey Diving
  2. Show up with swimsuit, lock for locker, and enthusiasm! 


  • Age: Ages 8-11 with parent. Certification: None required. 

Class Schedule

Date Location Cost Registration
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Cranberry Water Park
724-776-4806 x1129
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