Downey DuckBoat Specialty 


Miles from shore, a brisk morning breeze blows across the deck and sunlight sparkles on the water. The anchor chain clatters and engines drone down and sputter silent, signaling that you are over the dive site. You and your buddy excitedly help each other don your equipment; this dive promises to be great. Best of all, there's no hike from the car, no shore entry through waves, and no long surface swim. Why, you're only 50 feet from the dive site - 50 feet above it! You only have to get in the water and descend. 

Experiences like these attract divers to boat diving; in fact, virtually all divers end up diving from a boat sooner or later, whether it's a skiff or a giant live-aboard sailboat. After successfully completing the two boat dives, you'll be ready to fully enjoy the benefits of your next boat dive. 


Boat diving is a very popular diving activity primarily because many interesting and unusual underwater sites lie beyond swimming distance from shore. Proper procedures and etiquette for diving from boats, coupled with the knowledge and skills needed to perform safe diving from a mobile platform, enhance diver safety. 

Program Description

  • Two scuba dives
  • Maximum depth is 60 feet for open-water divers.
  • Counts towards Master Diver Rating

Program Steps

  1. Read Boat Diving chapter in PADI Adventures in Diving, and do chapter review.
  2. Dives are done in Summersville, WV or on any of our scheduled trips.


  • Certification: PADI Open Water, NAUI Scuba Diver or equivalent. 
  • Previous Dives: The elective boat dive from the PADI or NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver course may be counted toward this specialty.

Class Schedule

Any Boat dive