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Getting Started  

Bubble Makers - Let your 8-11 year-old kids dive too.
Intro to Scuba - Try before you buy classes to see if diving is for you.
PADI Scuba and Open Water Diver - Certification Classes
Advanced Open Water - Gain practical skills while being introduced to underwater navigation, boat diving, night diving, deep diving and search & recovery diving.
Each participant must complete a medical form. If you answer "yes" to any of the ailments, a physicians signature is required before you can participate in any water sessions. Please download and examine the form. If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, print out the form and take it to your doctor for evaluation.

Specialty Classes

Altitude Diver - Learn the skills and procedures for diving at altitudes greater that 1000 feet/300 meters above sea level.
Boat Diver - Learn the terminology and procedures of the dive boat.
Peak Performance Diver - Master the skills of peak performance buoyancy 
Cavern Diver - Dive the overhead environment of spring and sinks within sight of daylight.
Deep Diver - Learn the skills and techniques necessary for no-decompression diving between 60 and 130 feet.
Drift Diver - Let the natural currents work with you instead of against you while diving.
Dry Suit Diver - Open the door to comfortable diving in the coolest waters.
Enriched Air Nitrox - Extend your bottom time by using enriched air.
Equipment Specialist - Learn to choose, maintain, and use dive equipment wisely.
Fish Identification - Learn the special skills, procedures, and techniques to actually "name that fish".
First Aid/CPR/AED - Know what to do when a loved one or fellow diver needs help.
Multi Level - Learn how to extend your dive time with or without a computer
Night Diver - Organize and safely conduct night dives, including the effective use of underwater lights.
Rescue Diver - Expand your knowledge of diving, increase your level of diving skill and learn how to prevent diving problems.
Search and Recovery - Plan, organize and execute underwater searches as well as recover submerged objects safely and effectively.
Underwater Navigation - Learn to use natural and compass navigation techniques to enhance your diving skills.
Underwater Photography - Develop your knowledge of photographic principles, composition, lighting, and camera-handling techniques.
Wreck Diver - Along with gaining knowledge of the underwater wreck environment, you will understand the historical, social, and legal issues surrounding wreck diving.
Solo & Technical Classes
Solo Diver - Learn to be self-sufficient, with or without a buddy
Intro to Tech - Find out what it's all about and take your skills to the next level
Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures - gas switch dives to 150 feet
Extended Range - Dive safely to 180 feet

Professional Classes

Assistant Instructor - Gain hands-on teaching experience with students. 

Divemaster - Develop SCUBA related leadership skills.