Downey Duck Truk 2007

Our fifth trip to Truk Lagoon, or Chuuk, was the best ever! Not only did we have a great bunch of divers, the crew was excellent. Some of us were diving double tanks so we could spend more time on the wrecks; once the crew realized how competent the whole gang were, they allowed everyone who wanted, to do decompression dives on two of the deeper wrecks, the Amagisan and the San Franciso. Those who didn't feel comfortable diving to 170' didn't miss any dives, though-as soon as the deep divers were back aboard, the Odyssey headed for a shallower site for those who sat out the deep dive. The crew gets A+++ from us for their willingness to accommodate us in all ways. There were five dive guides on board so everyone who wanted a personal tour to the engine rooms was able to schedule it. The shark dive was again well-run, and we saw some great action.

Nick, previously a dive guide/instructor on the boat is now the very personable captain. Guide Madison is still there as well as the cook, Emeren, who easily accommodated food allergies and preferences. Given a choice the last night of eating at the Blue Lagoon or leftovers on the boat, no one would leave! Owner Lenny was on board part of the week, working hard putting in a new water system, which worked like a champ-plenty of hot water, even if you were the last one taking a shower-thanks, Lenny!

The trade winds started off strong, causing the boat to swing on its anchor at a faster clip than normal-holding onto the deco bar was quite a ride and climbing up the ladder could be interesting. Towards the middle of the week the winds settled down to their normal velocity. This trip was so good that we're already looking forward to returning in 2010!