Downey Duck


Truk Lagoon, 2005

For our fourth trip to Chuuk we joined a special charter of the Truk Odyssey, offering Extended Range, and Decompression diving. We started out on the wrecks seen during normal charters, and then progressed to the deeper ships rarely dived. We used double 80 tanks with DIN valves, 30 cf pony bottles filled with 50/50 mix, and pure oxygen on the hang bar. Instead of 4-5 dives each day, we did three longer dives, averaging 20-30 minutes bottom time and 15-30 minutes of decompression, using three-gas computers. 

The diving was spectacular and being able to do five new-to-us wrecks was exciting. It took a few dives to get used to the extra bulk and weight but then it was no big deal. The deeper dives are more pristine because there is less light, less growth, and fewer divers. Some of the dives yielded 100+ foot visibility.

 The Truk Odyssey was up to its usual standard of excellence, taking care of us from the moment we landed at the Chuuk airport until we were transported back to the airport at the end of the week. We can hardly wait to go back in January, 2007!