Downey Duck Pohnpei

Pohnpei was an optional add-on to the Chuuk trip, and our first time traveling there. We stayed at The Village, an eco-tourism lodge set on a hillside 5 miles from the airport. There are 40 rustic cottages, each with two double beds, sitting area with couch, chair, coffee table, sink with plenty of counter space, shower with good water pressure and hot water. The cottages are perched privately throughout the property, some with fantastic ocean views. There's no TV, telephone, or AC; there are screens on the window, mosquito netting over the beds, and ceiling fans. Although warm during the day, it cooled down nicely at night for sleeping.

The office, bar, and dining room are centrally located. Telephone and email access is available in the office. Breakfast ranged from $3.50 for oatmeal to $7.00 banana pancakes. Dinners averaged $12.00, including soup, salad, and rolls. The food was good, and the ice cream was excellent. Since we were diving, we had lunch between dives consisting of sandwich choices or bento, which was rice, sausage, hard boiled egg, and a large portion of tuna, all wrapped in a banana leaf-delicious!

We made six dives over three days. The coral was not impressive and there was some coral bleaching. One of the three dives we enjoyed were Manta Road, a manta cleaning station where half the group had an excellent 15-20 minute view watching angel fish clean a manta. When finished, the manta made a large circle so he could glide past us very slowly, making eye contact with each one of us. Unfortunately, the rest of the group was a short swim away waiting for a manta to show. With poor visibility in the pass, a manta can be nearby, yet not be seen.

Another good dive was where the wall made a sharp turn, so there was literally a corner. The sharks hang out and play in the current here, plus there were lots of anemone fish and tropicals to play with when the current died and the sharks departed.

Our last dive was a long drift dive. One small drop-off around 80' had 40-50 mostly gray reef sharks facing into the current, just hanging out. We also saw a lion fish and a school of squid. We drifted by a mini-wall with lots of holes for things to hide. There were many crown of thorns wherever we went.