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Ohayo gozaimasu, konnichi wa and konban wa.  Scuba Club North will thaw and reassemble on Tuesday, February 19th, at 7:00 PM for a dinner at Sunny Jim's Tavern.  We will Itadakimasu in the large back room and enjoy a presentation by Laura Procaccio Dieterich on diving in the waters surrounding Japan.

Please RSVP to me here or on the duplicate Facebook event post so that I can let Sunny Jim know how many divers to expect.  Check out Sunny Jim's Tavern here ==> https://www.sunnyjimstavern.com

Arigatou Gozaimasu

Shawn sama

Dive Curaçao in October

One of the ideas offered at the Scuba Club North January dinner meeting was a trip to Curaçao.  We have not conducted such long distance trip planning for the broad membership, so I have done some research with club members who have been to Curaçao and with a dive travel agent.  With their guidance I have assembled the trip details below.  If we get enough interest in this trip then I will do the group accommodation and diving arrangements, payments to the travel agent, communications, etc. (see disclosure below)


Arrive Saturday, October 19th.  Depart Saturday, October 26th.  This year.  There is some flexibility on dates but this serves as a stake in the ground.  Could possibly push this back a week, but then you will not be able to go Trick-or-Treating on your home turf.  Also note that Curaçao is situated below the typical Caribbean hurricane zone so inclement weather should not be an issue.


LionsDive Beach Resort.  Run of the house rooms (entry level room with no specific view) for 7 nights with round-trip airport transfers and hotel taxes (no meals).  Rooms have a refrigerator that you can stock from nearby shops.  I chose this resort because club members have stayed here before.  Check them out here ==>  https://www.lionsdive.com/en/


6 days of 2-tank boat diving, unlimited shore diving.  As of the date of this email, the dive operator, Ocean Encounters, can accommodate 16 divers for the target dates.  This dive op has been previously engaged by club members.  Visit their website here ==> https://www.oceanencounters.com/en/


$1439 per person based on double occupancy, $849 for double occupancy non-diver.  I need you to commit with a $100 down payment, payable to me by check or Paypal, by February 22nd.  I have a waiver you will need to sign and return as well.  Full payment, again payable to me, is due by August 16, 2019.  You are responsible for your own airfare, meals and libations.


Again, I have not done large group trip planning before.  I am told it is not easy.  As recompense for this work I can qualify for a complimentary room and possibly some other discounts if we get at least 9 divers.  These comps apply only if a single point of contact makes the arrangements and makes non-credit card payments on behalf of our group.  IF ANYONE HAS ANY ISSUES WITH THIS ARRANGEMENT THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  No hard feelings, no regrets.  I can easily step aside and let folks make their own arrangements for accommodations/diving, payments, etc.  You will need to coordinate with other travelers.  This may be something that can be done via a subgroup on Groups.io after I migrate Scuba Club North from Yahoo Groups to that platform.  Again, no hard feelings if everyone wants to make their own arrangements.

Any questions, email or call me at 724-799-5281.

Shawn McNelis

You can follow the club on Facebook and Yahoo or contact Shawn McNelis at  shawnofoz@hotmail.com
Happy New Year.