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After a busy September for Scuba Club North, we are restarting our monthly dinner meeting schedule by returning to Bistro 9101.  No presentation is scheduled, just food, drink, networking and scuba chat.  A number of our members will be in Roatan so I am unsure how many will attend, but the owners of Bistro 9101, Sean and Angela Minahan (who are certified divers) have always accommodated our varying dinner crowd.  So, if you are not in Roatan, join us on October 17th at 7:00 PM to catch up on local and regional diving and plan future dives and club events.  PLEASE RSVP to me here or on our Facebook page so that I can let the Bistro know how to arrange table space for us.  Menu, directions, etc. here:  https://www.bistro9101.com


P.S.  If you can do a presentation in November please contact me.

You can follow the club on Facebook and Yahoo or contact Shawn McNelis at  shawnofoz@hotmail.com