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Typically around this time of year we assemble at Domenico's Ristorante (that's Italian for Restaurant), and so continuing that tradition we will have a dinner meeting on Tuesday, February 20th, 7:00 PM.  No presentation this month, but you can expedt a multimedia presentation of the recent Belize trip at the march meeting.  

At Domenico's we will discuss the results of our survey, and solicit any additional ideas you have for events, venues and expeditions.  Domenico's is located in Piazza Plaza, 20550 Route 19, Cranberry. http://www.domenicoscranberry.com  To help Domenico's configure the proper number of seats for us please RSVP to: shawnofoz@hotmail.com

 Meanwhile, you can follow the club on Facebook and Yahoo or contact Shawn McNelis at  shawnofoz@hotmail.com