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Buon anno!  In past annos I have sent out surveys and did flip chart presentations to gather input from the club to inform plans for dinner venues and activities.  These have produced limited input, so I will keep it simpler this year.  I'll gauge interest and gather ideas at our January dinner meeting and  afterwards communicate these ideas to the broader club membership.  For our 2019 kickoff we will visit the Wheelfish Grill on Tuesday the 15th at our usual 7:00PM.  The Wheelfish is a rustic BBQ joint previously reconnoitered by Jim Pearson and myself.

Please RSVP to me here, shawnofoz@hotmail.com or on the duplicate Facebook event post.  Info here ==>  http://wheelfish.com


You can follow the club on Facebook and Yahoo or contact Shawn McNelis at  shawnofoz@hotmail.com
Happy New Year.